What is That??

What is that? A pipette!

Most of the time, biologist in the lab aren't working with things that they can see. You need to look at cell under a microscope, proteins using X-Ray crystallography (for example), and DNA and RNA by various methods like gel electrophoresis or cell staining (see more about visualizing DNA here). Many experiments require scientists to manipulate DNA, RNA or proteins in small liquid volumes to do experiments to understand the sequence of these molecules, to ...
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What is that? A beautiful image of deadly tumor cells

Thanks to Dr. Roberto Fiorelli of Barrow Neurological Institute for sharing this stunning image It looks like an eye. Perhaps a terrifying pink eye, like the Eye of Sauron, coming out of the darkness. It's not an eye, but it is a bit terrifying. This is an image of a slice of the brain showing tumor cells (in green and red) surrounding a blood vessel. How does this type of image get made? How does ...
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What is that? A liquid nitrogen freezer

This is a new feature called "What is that?" where I will show a photo of something from the lab and then discuss what it is, what it does, and why scientists use it. Every lab that I've ever worked in, I gave tons of tours - to my family, to other scientists, to kids and to the public! Seeing what a real lab looks like and understanding how things work is one of the ...
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