Remind me how to make a protein?

You JUST HEARD about the central dogma last week, but it’s so important, that I think it’s worth a reminder – and the best kind of reminder is one in a video.

I also think it’s important to point out that there are a lot of details involved in the processes of transcription and translation.  And I don’t say this to make you feel badly that you don’t know the details, but rather to point out that these different steps all provide the cell with the opportunity to fine tune to protein production machine.  Back to our steering wheel analogy – you can take away the blueprint for part of the day so that the person can’t make steering wheels.  In this case, it would mean that something is making the DNA unavailable for transcription.  Or you could tell the person making the steering wheels to go on break.  This would be like getting rid of the mRNA.  Or you could take away some of the pieces needed to make the steering wheel, which would be like decreasing the production of an amino acid.  All of these scenarios happen!

I just want you to start thinking about how these steps can be “regulated” because then when we start talking about “deregulation” (meaning, when things aren’t regulated properly), you’ll understand that there can be many ways for this to happen.


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