Book Club: An Introduction

I spend hours each day (or at least it seems like hours) reading science for work.  This reading ranges from reading peer-reviewed journal articles to better understand a scientific topic, researching something by Google-searching the heck out of it, or reading grants, manuscripts or reports that I’m about to submit.

In my spare time, I also read.  When I was a kid, my mom would tell me to go outside in the summer, and I would take a blanket, lay it under and tree, and read outside.  It was also nearly impossible to punish me by sending me to my room, because I would happily sit there and read.  I read everything from sci-fi to fantasy to literature to poetry to books on leadership and management.  I also LOVE popular science books!  And as I read these books, I often suggest them to my Mom, who then also reads them.  We then discuss and usually, her insightful questions help both of us understand the science better.

In that spirit, this blog will also have a book club.  Once every couple weeks, I’ll introduce a book and some of my thoughts on it.  If it’s something that interests you, please read and post questions, thoughts, and ideas in the comments.  First book will be posted tomorrow!

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