About Me

IMG_2604My whole life, I couldn’t help but talk about everything I was learning or reading about, including my college classes on biochemistry and molecular biology, popular science books I was reading, or my research. The unsolicited recipients of my chatter were often my parents and most often my Mom, who is a brilliant non-scientist teacher and musician. Even now, I call my parents every day on my drive home from work, and lots of times we discuss the science that’s in the news or something that I’ve read that is just too awesome not to share.

Throughout the years, I think that my Mom has received an honorary degree in science through me. So this blog is about science, but science the way that I explain it to my mom.  All the cool and weird and interesting and just plain useful information that I’m excited about and think everyone else should be excited about too.  I want to educate while having fun, and help you get your honorary degree in science. So ask questions, become engaged, and learn with me!

My background: I have a BA in biochemistry and molecular biology and a PhD in cell and molecular biology.  My research focused on better understanding cancer cells and how and why they live and grow so well, and how they die (or don’t die) when treated with chemotherapy.  Even though I’m no longer “at the bench”, I now focus my time, both professionally and personally, on facilitating science research and science education. I am currently the Program Manager for the Biobank Core Facility @ St. Joseph’s Hospital and Barrow Neurological Institute.  All opinions on this blog are my own.